Saturday, 13 August 2011

~BUK & NAD~. same story, different chapter.

salam and hai everybody, my name is buddy
this is the story i captured recently,
~bukhari &nadira~

first of all, its kind of nervous when u arrived too soon than the official one,
i made a call to ask him wat to do.

buddy : shi, aper aku nak buat ni? smpai awal sgt plak, ader orang 
dok baca yasin kat dalam

hafizudinhamdan : ko tanyer tuan rumah, btol ker alamat yang aku bagi tuh, haha
kan tak pasal2 silap umah, haha
pastu ko amek la gambar aper2 yang patot

buddy : haha, ok2
(i was wondering, was this the right house?)

 lesson learned.

so, enjoy the picture, the official one will be released soon at
stay tuned..
this is just behind the scene ~nad and buk~



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