Thursday, 18 August 2011


salam and hai everybody, my name is buddy, 
today is friday, 

straight to the point.
b4 explain panjang2, meh nak bagitau camner bleh tersnap
gambar utk contest ni..

sy dah biasa dok tgk2 FB tudungpeople nih.
diorang ader buat competiton gambar saper paling byk dapat vote, dapat hadiah,
for me, ni mcm nak promote orang pakai tudung  at the same time, bli diorang punyer product
sbb klo bergambar dgn product diorang, dapat 50 votes free!
so, 1 hari, ader kawan sy nak mintak tolong, mcm ni laa lebih kurang

aten : buddy, ko kat maner?
buddy : aku kat umah laa, nak g maner lagi,haha
aten: aku tnyer leklok, ko men2 aaa, 
buddy : asal? tetiba jer, tkejut aku.
aten : nak mintak tolong ko nih,
buddy: mintak tolong ? tolong wat drawing ker aper?
aten : byk laa ko drwing, nak mintak tolong ko amek gambar
buddy.: bleh jer, tapi ko nak buat aper?
aten : klo aku ckp, ko jgn gelak plak
buddy : tak aah (serious)
aten : aku nak masuk contest  Tudungpeople tuh, sumer orang sebok, 
buddy : haahahah, ok. (gelak jgk), bagitau aku kat maner n bile, aku sampai,
aten : tq , hahaha.

so, ini lah die hasil2 dari sesi photography bersama aten utk Tudungpeople.
actually, this is first time amek gambar utk kawan2.
at first ,mcm awkward sket nak suh posing2, so most of the time ,GELAK jer!
since die dah mintak tolong, i ll try my best to capture the moment.
kawan kawan jgk. keje kene jalan. 
lesson learned.
so, enjoy the pictures, and dont forget to like!!
thank for your time!
happy always!



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