Thursday, 25 August 2011

~First Outdoor ( Jusco Melawati)~

Salam and hai everybody, my name is buddy
Selamat hari raya aidilfitri

This entry is all about my first time outdoor shoot with hafizudinhamdan.Before this, I always thought that outdoor shoot is easy (eventhough xpernah shoot outdoor).Yer laa, tgk mcm senang jer, amek2 gambar, client senyum2, posing2, etc.

It’s not as easy as I thought. It’s not easy to make client laugh as natural as they are if we don’t know how to start conversation, point of interest, and how to make them comfortable throughout the photo-shoot moment.
Cube bygkan , kiter tak knal client kiter, then time amek gmbar, senyap jer, client tak tau nak ck paper sbb they hire the photographer to take their special moment and suddenly we cannot extract their special moment from them. So, klo camtu, bek amek gambar sniri lagi cantek, senyum senang, posing2 senang, nak buat aper2 pon senang..

For me, photography is not just about taking thousand of picture, it’s also about how you bring out the  best moment of your client once they are with you. After all, that’s why the pay you.
So, thank to hafizudinhamdan for the lesson.
Enjoy the picture. For official picture, visit
thank for your time..



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