Wednesday, 3 August 2011


morning everybody, my name is buddy,
ni sambungn dari farrouk & syasha bersanding.

setelah lebih kurang 2 minggu dari majlis persandingan, majlis bertandang pula menyusul..
tempat : restoran nelayan tasek titiwangsa, tepi tempat men race kete control,
kete control tu kecik, tapi bunyi mengalahkan kete lumba, 

 lets talk about the majlis,
before the actual ceremony, there was rehearsal in the morning..
test sound system, hias pelamin, suson meja,
as for us (buddy & ket) , kitorang kene buat video pasal akad nikah ngn bersanding time kat kedah,
footage² amek ngn geng2 uncle Ad.
another task, kene compile gambar2 utk disajikan kepada tetamu time dinner,

2 orang pengntin ni laa yang paling pening kepala & sebok..kenapa?
sbb diorang kene decide everything happened on that day,
pening? mmg pening, dah laa tak ckop tido, letih, sume ader,
BUT both of them are always greet people with smile,
sbb for them, ader problem, ader sollution,

everything went fine that night, smooth and steady,
for farrouk & syasha,
smoga bahagia ke anak cucu,
thanx alot for everything,
sorry if ader tkasar bahasa, terguris jiwa.
enjoy the pictures!

~i always love  this moment~

~harapan seorang ayah~
~maklang & paklang : forever love~

~suke tgk muka akak syasha time ni~

~jejaka idaman~

~happy moment~
~ramai orang nk tackle, tapi farrouk tak layan~

~angkat2, the must-possing picture~

~peace u all~
~anak2 tgk sini, ayah ngn mak tgk tempat len~



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